Tokyo International GIFT SHOW Business Guide-Sha President

Joined Business Guide-Sha Co., Ltd. in 1985. He has been involved in Gift Show since 1988 after working as a monthly Gift editorial staff and a personnel section chief. In 1995 he became a managing director. In addition, as the secretary-general, he worked to expand Gift Show, and has grown to the point where it is now attracting attention from overseas as a trade show that represents Japan. Furthermore, utilizing the methods and personal connections cultivated at Japanese Gift Shows, we have built a wide network of distribution relationships between Japan and Shanghai. In August 2009, the Shanghai International Gift Exhibition Japan Pavilion was held for the first time, and the scale is expanding year by year. In 2010, the 40th anniversary of the company's founding, he established the Shanghai Association Exhibition Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China, and became chairman and general manager. In 2011, he became president of Business Guide-Sha. In April 2012, he established Taiwan Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board and General Manager