Encounter New Concepts of Living-Space and Business Opportunities at LIVING & DESIGN

As a trade fair that consistently brings you business achievements, LIVING & DESIGN has been steadily gaining recognition. The Organizer continues to improve the content while enhancing its sensibility and quality year by year. Exhibitors shared their enthusiasm for the business talks they had with visitors in their attractive booths. Visitors enjoyed attending the fair in a simple, yet comfortable high-quality venue. The creative layout enhanced the visibility of each Exhibitor, helping visitors to find new items or ideas easily.
We look forward to the 11th year of LIVING & DESIGN, with even greater content based on accomplishments so far!

LIVING & DESIGN brings you a steady flow of successful results!

1A trade fair consisting of a diverse range of living-space exhibitors.
At LIVING & DESIGN, the circle of collaboration with a wide ran ge of living ‒ space and interior exhibitors broadens every year.
2The venue's compact size makes it a rich environment for business opportunities.
Unlike other sites that seem to attract only market researchers, LIVING & DESIGN attracts visitors with the clear purpose of finding building materials, fabrics or products. The average stay per visitor is also exceptionally high.
3A spacious layout that makes it easy to walk around and see everything.
At LIVING & DESIGN, a talented creative director has arranged the venue itself as a living space. The spacious layout is carefully calculated to ensure that visitors will not overlook even the smallest booth.
4Exhibitors and the Organizer are within close proximity.
One distinguishing characteristic of LIVING & DESIGN is the eas e of contact the Exhibitors have to the Organizer. This allows Exhibitors to directly voice th eir opinions so the Organizer can carefully apply these ideas to operations. LIVING & DESIGN is a trade fair produced in association with its Exhibitors.

Classification of Exhibits

Housing Accommodation, Renovation

  • House components
  • Building material
  • Renovation
  • New material
  • other


  • Furniture
  • other


  • Lighting
  • LED
  • other

Home Electronics

  • Digital appliance
  • Home theater systems
  • other

Home Textile

  • Curtain
  • Carpet
  • Bedclothes
  • other

Household Equipment

  • Kitchen system
  • Bath system
  • Bathroom equipment
  • Toiletry product
  • Air conditioner
  • other

Interior Decoration

  • Interior accessories
  • Table wear
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Traditional arts & crafts
  • other

Designing & Planning

  • Interior/Architectural designers
  • Creator(Interior coordinator)
  • other

Special Events(scheduled)

Forums and Seminars

A variety of forums and seminars prese nted by guests from related industries.


Attract buyers and participants from the housing and interior industries in Japan and abroad.

Construction and Real Estate

  • Interior coordinator
  • Interior decorating businesses
  • Architectural design office
  • Construction and housing manufacturer
  • Upholstery businesses
  • Remodeling contractors
  • other

Retail and Circulation

  • Retail trade
  • Specialty shops
  • Department stores
  • General merchandising store
  • Mail-order business
  • Trading companies
  • Importers
  • wholesalers
  • other

Service Business

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Leisure facilities
  • Public facilities
  • other

Plans for attracting visitors

The LIVING & DESIGN fair will draw potential buyers from related industries in Japan and abroad.

Invitation by DM

Invitations will be sent to persons in related industries in Japan and abroad.

Use of the internet

E-mail will be sent to related persons. Information on all exhibitors will be posted on an official website.

Media Coverage

Magazines; AXIS, ELLE DECOR, MODERN LIVING, Nikkei Design, Shotenkenchiku, other
Domestic Newspapers; Asahi, Mainichi, Nikkei, Sankei, Yomiuri, Senken, other
Domestic TV; NHK, Asahi, Television Osaka, other
Web; AXIS JIKU, Excite.ism, other

Information Activities

Information will be sent out by the organizer and exhibitors, and other forms of PR will be done up until the opening of LIVING & DESIGN 2020.


Each exhibitor will be provided a web space as a useful tool for company promotion.

Poster / Invitatio

Poster / Invitatio

Floor guide

Floor guideThe organizers will indicate booth locations of each exhibitor on the floor guide and provide it to visitor.