Booth Type and Rental Feess

Standard booth ¥320,000円(

・The Secretariat will install booth partitioning at a height of 2.7m.
If exhibitors don’t need partitioning panels, please inform the secretariat.
・All booths are to be carpeted.

Standard booth image Standard booth image
One special package booth
(Limited to 20)

One special package booth Type-1 will include fixtures such as wooden booth partitioning panels at a height of 2.7m, Punch carpets, Halogen arm spotlights, Socket outlet, Fascia and Company sign.
The color of panels and carpets will be unified by the secretariat designated.

One special package booth One special package booth
  • In line with the theme of LI VING & DESIGN, booth const ruction and decoration should incorporate a high sense of design.
  • The organizers will allocate booth locations and notify each exhibitor.
  • The secretariat will examine the products to be exhibited and will decide whether to accept the application to exhibit or not. Applications may be turned down.
  • Booth'form, facilities and specifications may change.
  • Booth'configuration may change based on zoning.


Deadline for Registration
June 30 (Tues.), 2020

Briefing exhibitors / Distribution of fairgrounds plan and exhibitors'manual
July in Osaka

Submitting required forms

Moving-in of exhibits and booth assembling
October.5(Mon.) to 6(Tues.)

October.7(Wed.) - 9(Fri.)

Moving-out of exhibits and booth dismantling

Acceptance for application

June 30(Tues.), 2020

Even before the deadline, acceptance of applications will close when all booth areas are filled. The organizer may require a company profile and catalogues of products to be exhibited and plans for booth decorations to be submitted in advance.

Acceptance for application LIVING & DESIGN Organizing Committee
Nihonbunkakaikan-building 8F, 2-1-23, Kitahama,
Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0041, Japan