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October 30 (Wed.)


11:30~12:30/Free of Charge

200-person capacity

"Design Led by Storytelling"

Brent Comber Brent Comber Originals Owner / Designert

Brent Comber is a fourth generation Vancouverite who grew up on the city's North Shore. In a city barely one hundred years old, his history is also Vancouver's. While growing up in the shadow of the Coast Mountains, where the temperate rainforest plunges into one of the Pacific Rim's greatest and busiest natural harbours, Brent developed a unique understanding and appreciation for the natural shapes and materials of his west coast environment. He has always believed that people have strong connection to solid wood, and wanted to build forms that would allow them to access and connect to this ancient material. Although his work may be rooted to the Pacific Northwest, Brent's reputation has become internationally renowned. In our increasingly harried lives, Brent strives to capture the inherent beauty of nature in simple and timeless forms.


13:30〜14:30/Free of Charge

Hirata Tile Co., Ltd. Seminars

200-person capacity

"Tiles, Plasterers, and the Future of Craftspeople"

Amane Shiraishi Tiler
Naoki Kusumi Master Plasterer
Mikito Hirata Managing Director, Hirata Tile Co.,Ltd.

Amane Shiraishi was born in Tokyo in 1970. Having grown up in an artistic family, his love for art grew naturally since childhood. After touring Italy and Greece for a year at the age of twenty, during which he developed his interest in Roman heritage sites and Byzantine architecture, he advanced his career as a professional tiler. Shiraishi subsequently delved into the practice of Islamic geometric mosaic and studied for two years at a mosaic studio in Fez, Morocco, where he was involved in mosque construction projects. Shiraishi’s unique position as an all-around tiler, who not only designs tiling patterns that attune to architectural space but produces tiles and lays tiles on site, he attracts considerable attention in the field of tile art. Shiraishi was honored with the Tile Work Model Competition’s Visitor Award at the International Ceramics Festival 2014 Mino, Japan, and was awarded the 12th Western Art Promoting Foundation Prize in cultural promotion.

Born on Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture in 1972, Naoki Kusumi is the third generation of a traditional plasterer family. Kusumi started using a masonry trowel at the age of three and he has been working in the art of plastering ever since. During his last summer of high school, Kusumi made a trip to Spain where he encountered with Antoni Gaudi’s architecture and was inspired by its overwhelming presence. After returning to Japan, Kusumi studied under various master plasterers until 1995 when he set up his own company, ‘Sakan Co., Ltd.’, at the age of twenty-three. As a master plasterer proficient in the restoration of historically significant architecture, including important cultural heritage sites, Kusumi has restored and reconstructed traditional monuments in both Japan and abroad. He has also been involved in the rendering of exterior and interior walls of commercial facilities, educational institutions, and private houses by actively proposing new designs from the initial planning process. With his mastery in traditional plastering techniques and ingenious ideas, Kusumi has earned an excellent reputation from home and overseas.

Mikito Hirata joined the Hirata Tile Co., Ltd. in 1994. Hirata worked as a manager in product planning and sales of the company’s brands, Hi-Ceramics, BISCUIT, and sunclay, which showcase the refined lifestyle with tiles. In 2015, he established the new brand AQUAPiA that produces plumbing products such as wash basins. Today, Hirata works as a manager in charge of every brand. As part of a unique company, Hirata strives to contribute to the Japanese culture of tiling and architecture by exploring ceramic products with sophisticated design from around the world.



200-person capacity

"Everything leads to fashion"

Masao Hibino Producer

1950 Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
1973 Joined World Co., Ltd.
1999 Appointed Managing Executive Officer, in charge of brand establishment, marketing, and shop development.
2009 Representative Director of “A BATHING APE” at NOWHERE Co., Ltd.
2010 Managing Director of “Thom Browne” at Cross International Co., Ltd.
Also works as the Managing Director of WEGO Co., Ltd. and advisor of “Qu'il fait bon ” at Lush Co., Ltd.

Experienced branding in various industries from fashion apparel to food.

October 31 (Thu.)


11:30〜12:30/Free of Charge

200-person capacity

"The surfaces of well-being in Architecture"

Loris Casalboni CEO and Chairman of Oltremateria

Loris Casalboni, Researcher and creative, born in Rimini in 1962 after having gained experience in the world of boating, ceramics and design; in 2008 together with his brother, Euro, found the brand OLTREMATERIA®- The surfaces of wellness "is where researching the possibility to improve the materials performance and well-being of people, reducing the environmental impact compared to the common chemical, is able to obtain the ECOMALTE® and OLEOMALTE® the first materials for continuous floor and wall surfaces, water-based single components without cement and without epoxy resins , also consisting of polymers derived from natural sunflower oil and natural RECYCLED aggregates: quartz, stones, marbles, glass bottles and light bulbs, bricks and pottery. With performances and certifications of the highest level, so much so that OLTREMATERIA enters the best projects and works at international level both in the field of furnishing and residential construction as well as in commercial and design complements.



200-person capacity

"Power of Expanding Design"

Junko Koshino Designer
Toshiyuki Kita Design Producer

Junko Koshino presented collections in the Paris Fashion Week from 1978 for 22 years. Since then, she has held shows around the world, including Beijing, NY (The Met), Vietnam, Cuba, Poland, Myanmar, Russia, and Spain, actively working for international cultural exchange. Her diverse design activities range from costume designs for the opera “The Magic Flute,” “Madama Butterfly,” Broadway musical “Pacific Overtures” (nominated for ten Tony Awards), DRUM TAO stage costumes, sports uniforms, the second emblem of JOC, to designing fireworks. She is also active in supporting the devastated areas hit by disasters in Japan. In 2018, she directed a fashion show at the Osaka Prefectural Government Office. Koshino also serves as a member of the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Culture and Education Commission), the Special Envoy of the 2025 International Expo, and the Ambassador of Osaka Marathon. She was accredited as Person of Cultural Merits in 2017. She hosts a radio show “Koshino Junko MASACA” every Sunday from 5 PM on TBS radio.

Began designing in Japan and Italy from 1969. Since then, Kita has designed many best-seller products from Italian, German, and Japanese manufacturers such as furniture, home electronic appliances, robots, daily necessities. Many of his works are selected for permanent collections in world famous museums such as The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA). He is also very active in revitalizing and promoting local Japanese traditional crafts and industries as well. He is the Director of the international trade fair for home and lifestyle renovation “LIVING & DESIGN” and proponent of Japanese lifestyle renovation, the “RENOVETTA” project. Professor, The Osaka University of Arts. Kita supervised the Japanese pavilion at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. In 2016, he served as The International Jury of Compasso d’Oro, Italy. Many awards include “carrier internazionale of Compasso d’Oro” of Italy and Distinguished Service Award regarding Intellectual Property (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). Honored “Commendatore Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” in 2017.
His recent publications include “Power of Design,” “Local Industry + Design,” “Venture for Design.”



200-person capacity

"Crossing scale "from architecture to the city""

Katsuhiko Endo Archtect / Endo Architect and Associates

Born in Yokohama in 1970. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Musashi Institute of Technology (current Tokyo City University) in 1992. In 1995, earned a master's degree in Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo. Established Endo Architect and Associates in Tokyo in 1997 (changed to Endo Katsuhiko Architect and Associates Inc. in 2007). Opened Osaka Office in 2017 and Daigo Office in 2019. Received numerous awards including first prize in the architectural design competition for Osaka City Museum of Modern Art (tentative name) in 2017, (later given the name "Osaka Nakanoshima Art Museum" in 2018), first prize in the architectural design competition for Ibaraki Daigo Town Hall in 2017, and first prize in the15th Public Buildings Award for Toyota City Nature Center in 2016. His major works include “U-CAN Yoyogi ANNEX” (2010), “La Cienega West” (2011), “Homigaoka Kindergarten” (2016), and “Chojamaru VIEW TERRACE” (2017).

November 01 (Fri.)



200-person capacity

"Furniture creates spaces"

Koizumi Makoto Designer

Born in Tokyo in 1960. After mastering woodworking techniques, he studied under designers Choei Hara and Shigemitsu Hara. He established Koizumi Studio in 1990 and then, in 2003, opened Koizumi Douguten [Koizumi Tool Shop] as a place to showcase my designs.
His work spans a range of lifestyle design covering everything from architecture to chopstick holders, continuing to spend a great deal of time traveling throughout Japan developing collaborations with local craftspeople and established "Wazawaza" in 2015.
He has been the professor at the faculty of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design, Musashino Art University.
He was awarded the Mainichi Design Prize (2012), grand prix at the Japan Crafts Exhibition (2015), grand prix at the JID design award (2018).



200-person capacity

"Making a Landscape"

Oe Kazuo Architect

1948 Born in Kobe, Japan
1980 Established Maniera Architects & Associates Co., Ltd.
1996 Osaka Architecture Contest Prefectural Governor Award (HOUSE IN INAGAWA)
2002 American Wood Design Awards 2002 (SLEEVED HOUSE)
2005 Selected as Excellent Architecture of 2005 by JIA(LIESON HOUSE etc.)
JIA Chugoku Branch Architecture Award 2009 Merit(FLAT)
2010 Kenchikujin Journal Award 2010 (HOUSE WITH OAK TREE)
2011 Sustainable Housing Award(GREEN HOUSE)
2012 Awarded by Architectural Institute of Japan 2012 (LIFE IN FOREST HOUSE)
2014 JAAF Award 2014 Merit (FUKATANISANNSOU)
      and more


15:30〜16:30/Free of Charge

200-person capacity

"The works of a Niwashi (gardener) in urban space"

Tatsumi Kouzo Representative
Tatsumi Jiro Representative

Kouzo Tatsumi (garden producer, born in 1976) and Jiro Tatsumi (gardener, born in 1979) were born into a family running a gardening business and became the representative of Green Space Co., Ltd., a company started by their father. Their main areas of business are creating gardens for private residences and stores and the maintenance of the gardens they created. They have also expanded their activities to lectures on gardens, workshops to make kokedama (moss ball), tours to old gardens, talk events, indoor installations, and other activities related to gardens and greenery from their passion to create opportunities for many people to interact with plants and grow interest in them.