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International trade show 『LIVING&DESIGN』 is a place that inspires new concepts for housing space and brings business opportunities

The basic concept of TOKYO International Gift Show 『LIVING&DESIGN』 , the total interior industry (such as housing, contract furniture, hotel, etc.) is considered to be the heart of the next generation’s economic industry. This exhibition, now in its 14th year, has grown to gain recognition, whilst heightening its sensitivity and content. A trade fair that produces significant results for a better life in the future, expansion of domestic demand, and revitalization of the economic industry. Many exhibitors have exhibited their creative ideas and high-quality products through their refined booths, leading to fruitful business discussions with visitors, and the fair has been well received by many. The TOKYO International Gift Show 『LIVING&DESIGN』 offers a sleek and refined venue structure, exhibition booths, and business meeting spaces, that will allow visitors to stay comfortable, as well as, provide a space where they can meet new products. Based on our past achievements, we believe that this exhibition will serve as a bridge to more exhibitors and visitors. We hope that this trade show will contribute to the development of the next key industry and that it will be a good opportunity to meet and exchange new products. As a trade fair that is effective in the development of the next key industry, we have continued to upgrade the contents of this fair, in order for it to serve as a stage for everyone to take a new leap forward.

LIVING&DESIGN General Producer
Mr. Toshiyuki Kita


■ Name : LIVING&DESIGN 2023

■ Date : February 15-17, 2023

■ Venue : Tokyo Big Site

■ Organizer : Business Guide-Sha, Inc.

■ Entrance fee : Free (prior registration required)

■ Concurrent event : The 95th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2023

Terms & Conditions

  • 1 It must be understood that booth assignment shall be made solely at the organizer's absolute discretion.
    Once the location and the booth number are assigned to an exhibitor, no request for change will be accepted for whatever the reason. In no circumstances whatsoever can an allotted booth be re-assigned, let or lent out to a third party.

  • 2 Application for exhibit becomes valid only when the entire booth fee and other necessary fee are paid by an applicant. If the exhibition space has already been contracted in full when the application is received, or if the merchandise to be exhibited is judged not to be in conformity with the subject and rules of the show, acceptance of the application may be declined. In such a case, received fees shall be refunded in full by the organizer.

  • 3 Nippon Express Co., Ltd. and Kintetsu World Express Sales, Inc (KWE) are the official TIGS freight forwarders. The organizer strongly recommends that all exhibitors take advantage of using Nippon Express and KWE, who can offer comprehensive range of services to avoid any possible customs clearance and delivery troubles: (1) Both Nippon Express and KWE handle the freight to and from your country including the Customs Clearance with a guarantee of the freight being delivered to your booth. (2) In case an exhibitor uses their own local forwarder, the own hired must take full responsibility in handling the delivery and return of shipment including the Customs Clearance. Exhibitors are informed contact information by the organizer after booth location is assigned.

  • 4 Merchandise whose importation is prohibited shall not be exhibited. The applicant must check in advance in this respect. In addition, no explosives or hazardous materials shall be accepted for exhibition. Moreover, any merchandise judged by the organizer to be inappropriate for exhibition shall be refused to display. In order to avoid any possible troubles, it is requested that the applicant provides a full and accurate description of the merchandise in this application form.

  • 5 In addition to the rules and regulations of the show, the applicant, as a matter of course, is required to honor the laws and regulations of Japan and those of the Tokyo metropolitan government.

  • 6 After completing the application procedure, the applicant cannot cancel the application. Whatever the reason, such as VISA problem or travel restriction, no refund can be accepted. Also, if payment for booth fee, optional facilities, etc. has not been done by stipulated date, the organizer revokes the allotted exhibit space and/or exhibit contract at its sole discretion without prior notice. There shall be no refund of the fees already received by the organizer.

  • 7 The organizer shall provide the best supervision to ensure safety of the show space and exhibited merchandise. However, the organizer shall be responsible neither for any acts of nature, fire or damages resulting from force majeure, nor for any loss occurring from theft, disappearance, or from other accidents during the show. The applicant shall be responsible and the organizer shall not be required to make reparation for those issues.

  • 8 The organizer may postpone or cancel the exhibition by reason of force majeure such as natural calamity, etc. The organizer may in its sole discretion refund to the exhibitor its proportionate portion of the balance of the total exhibit fees received which remains after deduction of the expenses incurred by the organizer. Damage incurred by exhibitors as a result of such a change shall not however be compensated for.

  • 9 The exhibitors shall keep their exhibit booths clean and in good order by cleaning it every day after the show. Any trash, paper wastes, etc., shall be disposed of at the respective designated area.

  • 10 The applicant shall provide an attendant who is able to serve visitors and remains constantly in the booth throughout the show. Any exhibited merchandise or decorative items intended for the booth, which are left out without the organizer being informed, may be removed and disposed of by the organizer. In this case, no claim shall be accepted by the organizer.

  • 11 Retail sales at the show, photographing of displayed merchandise, or any act of copying, surveying, or reproducing shall not be permitted by the organizer.

  • 12 In addition to the above, the exhibitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the organizer based on its judgment for control and management of the show.

  • 13 For any matter relevant to the show, the organizer shall be authorized to have complete jurisdiction.

  • 14 The applicant shall keep your area for exhibition and other activities within your booth space, and shall not occupy the alley.

  • 15 Application period is subject to close early if and when the number of applications reaches the maximum of scheduled booths.

  • 16 The organizer shall have the right to call for exhibitors to remove exhibits which are allegedly violating intellectual property rights.

  • 17 The organizer makes no representations or guarantees regarding expected benefits to be received by participating in the show or the fitness of the exhibition for exhibitor's needs.

  • 18 If name lending between applicants or exhibitors are judged, the organizer may revoke the allotted exhibition space and/or exhibit contract at its sole discretion with no refund of the fees already paid.

  • 19 In the case the organizer judges that the application is inappropriate, the organizer shall revoke the allotted exhibition space and/or exhibit contract at its sole discretion with no refund of the fees already paid and no compensation for the applicant would be made. Furthermore, if the applicant has the outstanding on booth fee payment, they are liable to settle the payment as soon as possible.

Why『LIVING&DESIGN』provides definite results

1 A trade show made up of various housing industry-related exhibitors

By providing a meeting point for each of the various housing space・interior industries, exhibitors can also find close-business collaborations with each other. A trade show where you can feel how "design and quality will change the era".

2 A venue refined by simplicity

The show does not finish with just market research, but is visited by industry professionals with a clear objective of conducting business. Due to it being a refined venue, exhibitors have noted it to be "a place where buyers spend a long time in each booth" and "can conduct in-depth business negotiations that lead to successful results". It is highly acclaimed by many exhibitors.

3 Easy-to-see venue structure

For 『LIVING&DESIGN』, a creative designer structures the exhibition space, as if it were a 'living space'. It is carefully created so the visitors do not miss a single booth, focusing on the flow and movement in the venue.

4 A trade show where exhibitors and organizers are confident in one another

As one of 『LIVING&DESIGN』 characteristics, the exhibitors and organizers' close bond is mentioned. The exhibitors' voice reach directly to the organizers, and any feedback no matter how small will be carefully reflected, so that 『LIVING&DESIGN』 will be a trade show created together with the exhibitors.

Exhibition Area

■ Housing・Renovation related
housing fixtures・hardware, building materials・ materials, renovation・reforming related new materials, etc.

■ Furniture
storage furniture, table・sofa, etc.

■ Lighting
lighting equipment, LED, etc.

■ Interior home appliances
digital home appliance, visual ・audio equipment, home theater,etc.

■ Home textile
curtain, carpet, bedding, etc.

■ Home installation equipment
kitchen, bath, vanity & washstand, toilet, home environment equipment, etc.

■ Interior accessory
interior accessory, tableware, kitchen supply, traditional craft, etc.

Target Visitors

Buyers・industry professionals involved in the furniture・housing・interior industry will be invited from Japan and abroad.

■ Construction・Real estate
Furniture・kitchen・watering system manufacturers / Construction・housing-related industries / Housing manufacturers / Construction・Shop interior decorators / Renovation・remodeling industries / Designers / Interior・coordinators / etc.

■ Retailers・Distributors
Retail shops / Specialist shops / Department shops / Mass Retailer / Online shops / Trading company・importer / Distributor・wholesaler / etc.

■ Service Industry
Hotels / Restaurants / Food service industries / Leisure facilities / Public facilities / etc.

■ Owner・Real estate owner
High interest in renovation and/or interior

Exhibition Plan

Dimension of one booth

(3m × 3m × 2.7m)

Spring JPY 407,000
Autumn JPY 429,000
Including Tax / booth

2.7m meters high booth partitions are included.
The carpet for the inside of the booth is not included.

● We kindly ask all exhibitors at 『LIVING&DESIGN』 to decorate their booths to match the theme and atmosphere of the venue.
● Booth placements will be managed by the organizer based on your exhibiting product and the venue structure.
● The booth application will be checked after the examination of your exhibiting products. Please note that we may not be able to meet all requests.
● Please note booth equipment・specifications may change.
● The shape of the booths may be changed to match the 'housing' space/atmosphere of each zone.
● For exhibit rules and regulations 「The 95th Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2023」 will be followed.

Application Deadline

November 18th (Friday), 2022

※Please note, applications will be closed early, when the number of expected booths is reached.

Documents needed for application
● Booth Application Form・Catalog or images, etc., of the products you are planning to exhibit・Booth Design
 ※Only for new exhibitors
● Company's Copy of the business registration certificate・Company Information
● Images of your booth from past trade shows
● Please contact us if you would like to request a booth design (additional fee)

Plan for inviting visitors

We will be inviting high-quality buyers from abroad.

DM Invitation
We will be sending out invitations internationally, to related industry buyers.

Utilizing the internet
Sending out promotional e-mails, etc., to related industry buyers. Information about all of the exhibitors will be displayed before, on the website, to promote to the eligible visitors.
(All exhibitors can directly update their page)

Utilizing the media
Starting with collaborations with the media, we will be promoting all around Japan. Additionally, we will be using various foreign media to promote to overseas visitors as well.

Previous media coverage
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